Game Tables

These same concrete chess and backgammon tables have graced New York City parks for over 60 years. They have even been featured in movies such as "Searching for Bobby Fisher." Now, for the first time these classically beautiful tables are being made available to the general public. They come in both a fixed and freestanding version. The newly designed freestanding table can be positioned in gardens and on patios without having to be installed into the ground in a concrete footing.

Each table is handcrafted by skilled artisans in the same factory that has been producing them for New York City for over 3 generations. The craftsmanship is unsurpassed in quality and many of the workers still use hand tools that were brought from Italy over 50 years ago. They are built to conform to the toughest New York City standards and will withstand the test of time and the elements. In addition, every table is treated with an anti-graffiti sealant before they are shipped. To learn more about this sealant or how to remove graffiti from the tables you can click here.

Both tables are 32" tall with a 16"x16" chessboard within a 32"x32" tabletop. The chessboard is made with green and white terrazzo tiles held together by a brass inlaid border. There is a 20% surcharge for special color requests. You can download the installation instructions here.

Bulk discounts available. Please call for pricing

Freestanding Concrete Chess Table

This table is designed so that it can be placed flat without having to install it into concrete into the ground. The tabletop and pedestal base come in two separate pieces that weigh a total of 540 pounds. More Photos

$1,910 - with 2 concrete stools (#466FS2)
$1,675 - without stools (#466F)
$210: Freestanding stools (#466FS)

Backgammon tables are an additional $162.

Fixed Concrete Chess Table

This is the exact table that can be found in New York City parks. It's cylindrical support column needs to be set into the ground. More Photos

$1,775 - with 2 concrete stools (#466TS1)
$1,575 - without stools (#466)
$284: Fixed stools (#466B)

Backgammon tables are an additional $1162.

New York World's Fair Game Table

This table was inspired by the design of the 1939 World's Fair Benches. It is made with fabricated cast ductile legs and a concrete top with green and white terrazzo playing surface.

$2,295 (#6732)

Backgammon tables are an additional $162.

Benches and Stools

Our benches and stools can also be found all over New York City as well as on Pier 7 in San Francisco and many other public parks and gardens all throughout the United States. All of our benches are designed to last a lifetime and are made with unbreakable ductile iron legs and Ipe wood slats. Ipe is a very dense and hard wood that is naturally rot resistant, anti-fungal and resists pests without toxic chemicals. The wood slats come with a natural brown color and will weather to a beautiful silvery gray color over time. They can also be painted green for an additional charge of $120/bench.

1939 World's Fair Bench

This bench, first seen at the 1939 World's Fair can still be found all over New York City as well as in many other public and private parks throughout the United States. This extremely comfortable bench is still the most common bench found in New York City. Its ductile iron legs are unbreakable and can be bolted to the ground. This bench comes in lengths of 4', 6' and 8'.

4': $790, 6': $855, 8': $1020

1939 World's Fair Bench: with Arms(#6737), without arms (#6737C)

1939 World's Fair Bench - Armless Bench

This version of the World's Fair Bench is ideal for use with the game table because it is armless allowing someone to slide in easily. Benches are anchored to the ground with bolts.

Armless Bench: 4': $790, 6': $855, 8': $1020


1939 World's Fair Bench - Backless

This bench also works well as a companion with the game tables. The photo shows the bench with armrests but the prices below are for the armless version. A pair of armrests is $160 and each additional armrest is $80. Benches are anchored to the ground with bolts.

4': $725, 6': $775 8': $906


Central Park Settee

Based on historic benches originally used in the Central Park when it opened in 1858. This bench has a simple design without armrests and is found in informal, pastoral landscapes throughout the Park. These benches are also available through the Central Park Conservatory's Adobt-A-Bench Program.

4':800, 6': $865, 8': $975


Concrete Stools

There is both a fixed and moveable version of the concrete stools. The fixed stool is 18 inches in diameter. It also has an extended base that needs to be installed into the ground. The movable stool is 16" in diameter and only needs a level surface upon which to rest.

$210 - Freestanding Stool (466FS)(br) $284 - Fixed Stool ($466B)


Dedication Plaque

We have the ability to embed a bronze dedication plaque on the surface of the table. Costs will vary depending on size. Please call for more details.

Bronze Dedication Plaque

Please call for pricing